Do you ship to my country?
Yadbis Store ships and offers free international shipping across the entire globe! So no matter where you live, we can reach you!
How secure is your website?
As safe as it possibly can be.
We store any information you give us securely using high-level SSL encryption technology – the most advanced security software currently available.
I ordered multiple items, but didn’t receive them all, why?
Depending on your order, products may be shipped separately. This is for many reasons including a lowered chance of customs fee. The rest of your order should arrive shortly after. If for whatever reason it does not, then feel free to contact us about the issue. And please hold on to all delivery packets as they are necessary as evidence.
What happens if my order arrives damaged?
At Yadbis Store, we work really hard to ensure all our customers are 100% satisfied with what they receive which is why we will either replace your item if it arrives damaged or provide a refund on the order. Please read our return policy for more information. If your order has arrived faulty we allow 14 days to contact us about the issue. Any damage made by the user will not be declared a fault. Please do contact us in this instance through our Contact Page.
The color looks different than what I ordered.
Computer screens display colors differently and that is one reason that you might receive slightly different colored products. However, this is just a rare occurrence. If in any case you notice a slight difference in the color we assure you the design and material will remain the same.
What do I do about customs fees?
You will need to cover any customs or import fees outside of the total price of your order from Yadbis Store. We lower the chances of attracting custom duties by marking all shipments as gifts, leaving a very low chance of a customs fee. There has not been an instance of a customs fee occurring to any of our customers as of yet and it should not happen.
When will my order arrive?
All items are shipped 1-5 days after the order has been completed. This is dependent on the production complexity, any occurrence of a holiday, etc. However, we try to ship as soon as possible. The arrival date of your order varies depending on where you live and which shipping option is available for your location. Though the average transit time is around 12-19 days.