Car Back Seat Organizer

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Is your car full of stuff and you don’t know how to sort the mess?

Worry no more! Use this backseat organizer and always keep your car look systematic and fresh.

The organizer is designed to fit any type of car.

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    This car organizer is incredibly easy to use as it doesn’t require any installation or adding an extra hook.

    Installs in 30 Seconds! It can attach to the headrest of the front seats so that whoever is at the back can easily reach the belongings.

    It is made from highly durable materials, which is perfect for young children who often have a tendency to not be overly careful.  It has a lot of different storage options as well.  There is a lot of space for absolutely everything.

    It comes with a range of different pockets in various sizes, which can hold lots of items. As a result, the backseat of the car will no longer be cluttered with the various items.

    The larger pockets are of a solid material, perfect for heavier toys and bottles. It also has a few mesh pockets, which are perfect for things such as handheld games, hand sanitizers, snacks, batteries, books, notepads, calculator, mobile phone and more. Minor design changes can happen over time.


    Multi Pocket Organizer:
    Variety of pockets and sleeves to hold pens, maps, beverages, glasses and more.

    Collapsible space-saving design:
    Organizer collapses conveniently tuck away and maximize space in your car.

    Adjustable Seat Strap:
    Hook & Loop fastener adjusts any size seat. Faster quickly disconnect for storage when not in use.

    4 Sleeve Pen holder:
    Built-in pen holder ensures that you always have something to write with, sleeve style holders keeps pens easily accessible.

    Mesh Upper Pocket:
    The small upper mesh pocket is ideal for cell phones, digital camera, calculators, and other small electronics.

    Beverage Holders:
    Keep your favorite drink with you wherever you go. Packet expands to hold different size drinks upright to prevent spilling.

    Large Capacity pocket:
    Large capacity pockets fit books, electronics, toys and more.

    Dual Mesh Lower pocket:
    Mesh pocket is divided into two sides to hold a variety of items. The left side is ideal for larger items, like magazine, books, and maps etc. The right side can be used as a second beverage holder or can also be used to hold a pair of eyeglasses.

    Seat Tie- Downs:
    Secure the organized to your seat creating a perfect fit for any automobile seat tie’s wrap around your seat to keep the organizer


    –  Keeps your car’s interior well organized

    –  With straps, Convenient to use and easy to install.

    –  Also functioned as an anti-kick cover to protect the seat back.

    –  Multi-pocket design to hold small things, like a pen, books and electronic devices.

    –  With a pouch to hold small things, like phones, tissues and so on



    Specifications :


    Water-resistant Oxford fabrics




    Approx. 210g

    Package Content:

    1 x car seat back organizer



    Products are high in demand: expect 3-5 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe). Limit 4 per person!

    If supplies run out, please check back after a few months!  








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